July 27, 2021

4 Requirements You Should Know Before Renting an automobile in Europe

Hiring a car during your European holiday is very convenient since you will be able to visit more places easier. However , renting cars can be a little bit tricky if you are not familiar with the regulations. Learn some requirements below before deciding on renting an automobile in Europe.

1 . Age restrictions

For the most part, the minimum age regarding renting a vehicle in Europe is definitely 21. However , some countries and car companies may set their own minimum age restriction at quarter of a century of age. Besides minimum age limitations, maximum age limits may also be used in some countries by some rental firms.
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Generally, in the United Kingdom, Ireland, plus Cyprus, the maximum age limit for renting a car is 75 years of age, while renters between 70-75 years old are levied a Senior Operater Surcharge having various additional costs.

2 . Driver’s license

The International Generating Permit or IDP is an established document written in 10 different languages that serves as an addition to your local driving license, and is honored in regarding 150 United Nations member countries. The IDP is not required in most European countries. However , if you are traveling in Italy, Spain or the former Soviet Eastern European countries such as Slovenia, Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary and Czech Republic, you will require the document. Note that holding an IDP alone won’t give you permission to drive a rented car in these countries. You will also need to accompany your own IDP with a valid passport along with a driver’s license from your home country that is legitimate for a minimum of 12 months from the day of the rental.

3. Border traversing

If you are planning to visit different European countries using the rented car, it is wise to study each country’s laws and regulations. When you go to any foreign country, you are susceptible to the country’s laws. Never forget in order to equip yourself and your passenger along with complete documents such as passport, australian visa, vehicle registration, driving permit, traveling documents and a cross border charge. Each time you reach a border between two countries, you may be required to quit to have your documents and vehicle checked by Customs Officers. Note that some Eastern European countries may prohibit cross border travel in a rented car.

4. Miscellaneous

– In general, European countries except the United Kingdom and Ireland in europe drive on the right hand part of the road.

– Most European countries forbid the use of mobile phones while driving on the road.

– Car rentals within Europe offer cars with manual as well as automatic transmission. Cars with manual transmission will typically become cheaper than the automatic ones.

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