July 28, 2021

Our god At The Movies

Outside movies are appropriate for a wide variety of venues: local parks, schools, businesses, and churches. Movies have an unique way of bringing people together, and movies can tell stories and convey important messages to viewers. Let’s discover the benefits of planning an outdoor movie in a church.

Why host an outdoor film at your church? Outdoor movie events are popular and, if marketed in the community, can draw a crowd which includes un-churched community members. The event can be a great opportunity to reach out to members of the community who have not experienced church. This type of event invites those who may not be familiar with your mission to learn regarding your church, your teachings and your mission.

An outdoor movie event furthermore provides a great outlet for family thrilling fellowship with friends.
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In addition to enjoyable, an appropriate movie can supplement your own teaching and start an important conversation as to what you are currently focusing on.

Movies can be quite powerful. Movies have the power to inform important stories; in fact , today tale telling often takes place at the movies. The stories told in movies can create a friendly and familiar connection to Jesus for church and neighborhood members since Jesus was a story teller.

Good movies can talk about the struggles of human lifetime in a way that the average person can relate to. Several movies remind us of our challenges to find hope and meaning plus inspire us with examples of the power of redemption.

Movie choice is very important. You want to choose a movie that will attract church and community members, will be age appropriate for your expected market and that remains in line with the values of the church and community.

We Purchased a Zoo, a newer selection, will inspire viewers with the story of a household struggling to get over the loss of the wife and mother and fix up the old zoo they purchased to save the animals and provide pleasure for the community. The Blind Part tells the story of a young man who overcomes his troubled childhood and goes on to play professional football using the help and support of a loving Christian family. Other possible selections include Soul Surfer, Dolphin Tale, The Pursuit of Happyness, Rudy plus Pay it Forward. Some of these movies speak directly about religion and church, while others inspire us merely by telling the stories of people that live their lives in loving in giving ways.

Outdoor movie activities are perfect for a church simply because they provide a chance to gather with friends and family and invite un-churched people to sign up for your community and learn more about the particular mission of your church. In addition , nicely chosen movies can promote the values and teachings that are important to your church and its members.

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