August 11, 2020

Luhya Wedding Traditions

The Luhya community mostly resides within the Western part of Kenya with a populace of about three million. Known for their own elaborate ceremonies, the Luhya enjoy holding big parties to enjoy occasions. Luhya weddings are very intricate and important occasions. They are followed with many wedding photos and festivities. Before one gets married, the particular groom will have taken bride wealth to the bride’s parents as an indication of gratitude. Unlike Toronto marriage ceremonies, bride wealth is meant to concrete relations between the two families.

The initial step before a Luhya traditional wedding can take place is payment of the bride price. The groom is expected to take a token of understanding to the bride’s parents to show the fact that parents raised their daughter nicely. Traditionally, this token would be in the form of livestock or farm produce. This particular token would act as a small to show how much the man cares for his future wife and show which he can provide for his future family members as well. The Luhya community is known to love chicken and these are provided in plenty for guests to eat. Around the wedding day, the man would go to the bride’s homestead and call out the particular girl’s name. If the girl reacts, the ceremony can then go on. In past times, guests in attendance dress in specific traditional attire with paintings all over their bodies and dance the whole night. The particular ceremony would last for about three days. The married couple would then proceed to their new home. For more regarding igbo traditional attire check out the web-page.

Present day Luhya wedding ceremonies are more modern including celebrating the event in a church. Dance and singing accompany most luhya weddings. Groups of women who sing praise songs encircle the bride-to-be. The wedding party normally arrives at the church a few minutes before the ceremony starts. The ceremony is usually recorded on video and wedding photos used. This is one attribute that each Luhya and Toronto weddings have. Once the church ceremony is over, the wedding ceremony party goes to the reception place for wedding photos and meals. Luhya weddings have plenty of conventional foods to offer as well as western food. Entertainment in a luhya wedding involves singing traditional songs and dance to their tunes. Luhya dancing is fairly vigorous and is a very entertaining action. Unlike in Toronto, Luhyas holds their ceremonies for as long as two weeks.

A Luhya wedding is not complete with out speeches. The speeches normally arrive after gifts are given and wedding photos are taken but before the particular cake is cut. The concept of most wedding speeches is usually assistance to the groom and his bride in order to take care of their new family. Grooms are advised to take care of the wife as well as the bride is advised to cook properly for the husband. Different people who may use a lot of proverbs and sayings to operate a vehicle the point home give variations from the same message.

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