October 20, 2020

How toHow to Clean Silk Scarves Clean Silk Scarves

Silk is the queen of fabric and everybody loves the smooth feel. Most women have at least one silk scarf in their wardrobes. However, not many people know how to clean silk scarves. Because of the expensive price of silk scarves, the skill to clean them is necessary for silk scarf fans.

Lazy way to clean silk scarves

Sorry to call this a lazy way to clean a silk scarf. But it is the most convenient way and everyone can do it. Because silk is a special fabric and need a special care, sending to dry cleaners is an easy and safe way to clean your silk scarf, especially for the big brand name, such as Hermes.

General method to clean silk scarves

Silk is so delicate but you can still clean your silk scarf at home. This cleaning method works for all silk products including silk scarf and clothing. First, prepare the cleaning solution. You could find the silk detergent in the stores and add it into the clean water with a certain ratio as instruction. Soak your silk scarf into that solution for 5 – 10 minutes and then softly stir the scarf with your hands. If a serious dirt on the scarf, massage gently with your finger pulp. Rinse completely with clean water for several times until no any detergent attached. Put wet scarves on a clean towel and roll up the towel. Gently press the towel and make the scarf dry. Hang silk scarves with hangers and dry scarves in the shaded place.

Attentions to clean silk scarves

The general way to clean scarves seems very easy. However, several attentions should be pointed out for a perfect final result.

1.The water temperature should be controlled below 30 Celsius degree.

2.The silk special detergents are highly recommended. Silk is acid resistance but not alkali. So do not use alkali detergent or soap detergent.

3.Wash separately without other clothing.

4.Be very gentle during scarf cleaning. Do not twist the scarf or clean with regular washing machine except the high end washing machine with silk cleaning set.

5.Rinse completely without any detergent left.

6.Airing with a sleek hanger and avoid the damage from the hanger.

7.Airing in the shaded place and do not expose silk scarves under the blazing sun.

8.If you do need pressing your scarves, keep the iron temperature lower at the silk setting.

Creative way to clean silk scarves

Because of the silk scarf delicacy, it is hard to avoid any damages during the cleaning. Most damages are from your careless hand touch. Here is another way to clean scarves without concerning silk damages. The instrument is just a simple glass bottle. Put the dirty silk scarves and detergent solution into the bottle. Cover tightly with a lid and then shake the bottle. No damage and easy to do. The rinse process is the same as the cleaning except with clean water only.

Keep those tips and Oversized scarves  general rules about silk scarf cleaning in your mind. You have no concern any more and just enjoy compliments from your silk scarves.

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