August 3, 2021

Digital Marketing – From Education in order to Politics

Using the evolution of the magic world called ‘Internet’, the digital world offers leaped forward tremendously. A click of a mouse or a touch of the screen is all we need to purchase something; be it a pin or violin.

With the Gen next moving in the direction of a more tech savvy world the particular applications of Digital marketing gets endless. Its powerful reach and instant result mapping ability make it a very powerful tool, even to build up a Government.
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Social media are playing an essential new role in Indian democracy. “Earlier, elections in India were governed by either the wealthy class or the rural poor. “Now, even the middle class is interested, and social media is where they can exhibit their opinion and talk. ”

Social media has become the new election arena for India’s nationwide parliamentary polls. An example being ‘NarendraModi’s ‘ extraordinary success at the loksabha elections have already been largely credited to the social media & Digital world for beginning the particular ripple effect which later grew to become the Publicised ‘ModiWave’. Digital Marketing offers a variety of advantages ranging from its interactive surface to its ability to go ‘viral’. This reasonable marketing and advertising world is touted as the issue of the future.

Marketing… a concept that has been the core of any successful tale. This concept has taken many designs with the advent of technology and industrialization. It is very important for any individual or a corporation to keep pace with the changing instances to climb the ladder of success. Hence the next big need for a faster reach to global market is to acquaint your-self along with DIGITAL MARKETING.

Now what does this beautiful word mean… Digital marketing could be the collective term used to describe the methods of marketing your company, brand or even products on the internet. It encompasses a lots of techniques like search engine marketing, social media marketing, e-mail marketing and many more.

There are various advantages of adopting electronic marketing in your professional life. Some of them are:

– It is a faster method to reach the masses.
– It really is much cheaper than the conventional methods of marketing.
– It is a very popular source of connection with all age groups.
– It is a more effective way of handling enormous amount of data.
– It is attractive and hence the particular success rate of the marketing strategy becomes much higher.

The advantages clearly prove that the concept is worth learning and worth adopting. Hence a lot of recognized institutes are providing training in digital marketing. But because the concept is still evolving, it is vital to pay attention to few things prior to one enrols in a digital advertising course…

– Do they have Industry Experts and Faculty?
– Do they provide face to face classroom training?
– Do they let you work on live projects or provide any hands on training?
– Do they have any Corporate Tie-up?
– Do they provide revision lecture if one is unable to go to the lecture?

Many will say that Digital marketing has its imperfections, but honestly it has a long way to visit & the ‘Marketing’ of the future provides certainly opened up new horizons. Some of which have already opened. A ‘Paradigm Shift’ awaits!

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