January 18, 2021

Africa Grey Parrots

Are you searching for a pet that is at once out of the ordinary, whilst fitting perfectly into a mature family members? Are you looking for African Grey Parrots available for sale? If so, African Grey Parrot breeders in the UK are happy to help you find precisely what you are looking for. African Grey parrots become perfect lifelong companions because they may live to the ripe old age of 60. Because of their longevity, it is nearly certain they will remain close to you for years after the human children have fled the nest.

Remember that parrots are live animals, not cartoon figures. They have powerful beaks and paws, so parrots and small children do not always mix well. However , as soon as children are old enough to regard the strengths and quirks of such fine birds, they can get along perfectly together. Much of the aggressiveness from the birds depends on the training and treatment provided by their breeders. Professional Africa Grey Parrot breeders in the UK know how to treat the parrots and how to train them not to bite. You can get ideas from the breeders to help prevent bites at your house.
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These magnificent wild birds are not new on the pet picture. The ancient Egyptians may have held African Grey Parrots as pets more than 4000 years ago. Greeks, Romans, sailors and others, also cherished all of them. Even Henry VIII kept 1 around the castle, where better than even odds say the bird outlasted any of the wives.

Most African Gray Parrots begin to mimic the words plus sounds they hear after turning about six months old, although some don’t begin mimicking until they reach the age of two. They can impersonate the shrieks and sounds of many other animals, and there are few species of animal considered more intelligent.

Naturally, these birds, as do other animals, thrive according to the love they receive. With reasonable care, they are around for years to come. African Grey Parrot Breeders in the UK know exactly what these birds want and need, and are prepared to share their knowledge and experience with you. Since breeders work with the birds every day, the parrots transition easily into the home of anyone willing to carry on the loving care and affection provided by the breeders.

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