August 3, 2021

Mainstream Western Media Stages “Blemishing The far east Marathon”

In case you Google “China” or “Olympics” upon any given day in recent months, with the exception of the particular few weeks China was stricken simply by deadly earthquakes, you will be overwhelmed from the shower of negative coverage from your mainstream Western media against China and its hosting of 2008 Beijing Olympics.

For months leading up to the Beijing Games, China has been put underneath the Western microscope with accusations and complaints against the country and its federal government sweeping across all terrains, from big political issues such as Tibet, human being rights, protest rights, press and religious freedom; to social troubles including air pollution, government relocation associated with Beijing residents; to conspiracy stories about special visual effects of the particular opening ceremony and ultra efficiency of Chinese athletes; and to a lot more trivial displeasures about losing a set of expensive sunglasses, difficulties to access Olympic Green, English standard of volunteers, and over-eagerness of residents to help the foreigner visitors. The list goes on and on.

As if that is not enough, an NBC correspondent went on a live TV hunt for Chinese foods in Beijing. Let’s take a look at what she discovered: giant scorpions, lizards, silk earthworms, seahorses, iguana tails and muck beetles. Other Western reportors also cited rabbit head, pig mind and animal penis. Being an indigenous of Beijing with 20 in addition years of living there and a food lover myself, I have little knowledge where to look for these exotic issues, not to mention ever eating them. Occur, China has a civilization of five, 000 years – Western reporters can’t be seriously thinking about portraying the particular Chinese as barbaric aboriginals or man-eating cannibals, right?

In fact , Sawzag Barry of Miami Herald admitted to a blog “beijingboyce. com” that “The Chinese people I saw all seemed to be buying things like lamb kebabs and fruit. On the other hand, the people collected around the centipedes and scorpions on the stick were, in almost every situation, tourists or American TV reporters doing fun features on strange Chinese food…. The Chinese avoid eat scorpions. They feed their scorpions to TV reporters. I might not be surprised to learn that the Chinese language word for scorpion is “TV reporter food. ”

Granted, Customer not completely innocent from many of the aforementioned allegations and criticisms, however it is neither an evil host which deserves no credit at all. As the world’s fastest growing economic climate and one of the world’s most ancient civilizations, there has got to be some thing positive to report on.

You can be easily frustrated, however , if you are looking to examine something more positive or, at the least, constructive about the country and its hospitable individuals. Sure, there is always the official Xinhua News or China Daily one can study for a change, but any praise from self-proclaimed independent and goal mainstream Western media is remarkably hard to come by.

Meanwhile, for average Americans, it is hard not to be tricked by the drowning negative coverage upon China. A homemaker in the US told reporters that she does not wish to “legitimize the Chinese government” simply by supporting the Beijing Olympics. inch Didn’t President Bush just open up a bigger US Embassy there? What are we talking about here exactly? We are as puzzled as an Atlanta man who demanded an online answer for not seeing Russian tanks there.

Just as much as I disagree with President George W. Bush on many things, I have to applaud his recent TV job interview in Beijing with NBC by which he stressed that the US and China as two very different nations and cultures are bound to have got agreements and disagreements on a range of things, but it is important to have a helpful relationship which will help each other communicate disagreements.

Wow, how I wish that he experienced possessed this wisdom before starting the particular Iraq war – lives associated with estimated 1 . 2 million Iraqis and 5, 000 US troops could have been saved.

Should the 2008 Olympics be awarded to Beijing to begin with?

Although the closing ceremony of the Beijing Olympic Games is coming up in a matter of few days, the arguments surrounding in case IOC had made a mistake within letting China host the 08 Olympics and if China had satisfied its relevant promises seem to possess just started.

Why pick a heavily-polluted country that is dictated by “free market Stalinists” which suppresses human rights, religion and press? Tiongkok broke its promises to IOC for all of these areas, charges the particular mainstream Western media.

However , according to the IOC, its mission is “to build a peaceful and better planet in the Olympic Spirit which needs mutual understanding with a spirit associated with friendship, solidarity and fair play – Olympic Spirit strives in order to inspire and motivate the youngsters of the world to be the best they may be through educational and entertaining interactive challenges. Olympic Spirit seeks in order to instill and develop the beliefs and ideals of Olympism in those who visit and to promote threshold and understanding in these increasingly troubled time in which we live, to produce our world a more peaceful place. inch

Does China deserve to be awarded the hosting right of Olympics? Apparently, the Chinese people stated a loud “yes”. The whole world observed how much grass-root support China got from its people when it applied for and won the hosting right from the event.

As a country with more than a single fifth of the world’s population — should it not be given an opportunity to host one of the many games? With 1 . 3 billion people not symbolized, can any Olympic Games truly promote its mission of “building a peaceful and better entire world with mutual understanding”? That is why the IOC made its decision and it is undoubtedly a correct one.

By comparison, You will find serious doubts if the mainstream Western media truly understands and respects the spirit of Olympics : questioning China’s legitimacy to web host such an international event only gives away its arrogance, self-righteousness, entitlement plus cultural supremacy in international matters.

If the mainstream Western media remains the true believer of human rights and continues to uphold the universal belief that “all men are produced equal”, it should acknowledge the birthright of any country including China and taiwan, for hosting the Olympic Online games.

While China needs improvements in numerous areas as every other country about this earth does, the changes plus progresses made by the country in the past 3 decades are unmatched in the its own history, which can not be hidden from view by the mainstream Western media.

Tiongkok should not be forced to make any snack bars or promises to any interest organizations in order to be “bestowed” the hosting right of Olympics, thanks to the downfall associated with colonialism and imperialism! The country’s pursuit of reform in all domestic political and social-economic fronts, including but not limited to human rights and freedoms of its people, can and should only be driven by desires of its own people, rather than being imposed on by external forces.

In addition to disputing China’s hosting rights, the particular mainstream Western media also has shown many conspiracies about China’s purpose for hosting the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Show of power? Self-interiority? Marketing China’s development path to replace the US model?
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Bla, bla, bla….

We all are humans and predictably we all want similar things in life all in all. Splendid displays, inflated egos or decorated ideologies can not replace individuals basic needs for food, clothing, shelter and healthcare.

For hundreds of years, the Chinese people have craved for a relaxing environment where they can focus on creating a better living for themselves rather than laboring for self-serving emperors or greedy foreign opium traders. They have been quite successful in the past three decades and today they simply wanted to party plus celebrate with the world through Beijing Olympics. Is that so hard to understand?

Why is the mainstream Western media therefore angry with China?

In his latest article “Are the Media Being too Mean to China? inch published on slate. com, Prof. Tim Wu of Columbia College wrote that “China’s idea of what makes for a better Olympics for foreign consumption-tightened security and cleaning up limited elements-is exactly what makes Western reporters crazy. ”

While Prof. Wu’s observation only touched on one of the surface symptoms that irritated the mainstream Western media, it does shed some light on the current tension. What he described is in fact a cultural distinction in how the Chinese and the Western people receive and entertain their own guests. But the root of problem is the ethnocentric mindset of the Western reporters to the cultural differences and their entitlement that things should only be done in their ways.

Similar illustrations are abundant, whether it is about various ways under which Chinese and Western athletes are trained or about how they differ in keeping their individual appearance or etiquettes. I am especially disappointed with Prof. Wu’s feedback that “China doesn’t have the ways and grace of the richer nations, even if it has increasing economic plus political clout. ”

While producing noises during eating is a taboo in many Western cultures, being openly confrontational in social interactions is a sin in many Asian cultures. These are simply cultural differences that should not have to get judged as superior or poor, or we risk entering the boundaries of cultural supremacy.

Unfortunately, it is this arrogant mindset which has led the mainstream Western media to judge China by its own culturally biased standards and self-centered objectives. It is not a surprise they drew the conclusion that China broke its claims for hosting Olympics, an accusations China has denied.

What followed was an irrational unleash associated with anger by the mainstream Western press towards China in an attempt to force the nation into the direction the Western press desired to see. The collective press assault on China, however , much more based on self-interests and ethnocentrism, instead of fairness, objectivity and independence that the mainstream Western media often preach.

Let he who is without sin cast the first stone!

A recent problem of Newsweek carried an article, “Rise of the Sea Turtles”, that discovered “Westernized Chinese people” tend to be more resentful to the West. Although I was not particularly impressed with its analysis of the root causes, the article does supply us with a good pointer to an emerging trend.

I can probably qualify as one of the “Westernized Chinese people” the article was referring to, although I prefer to identify myself being a Chinese American after becoming a naturalized US citizen for many years.

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