August 3, 2021

Google Voice For Your Android Phone

Android users can now have SMS and voice messaging facilities thanks to Google Voice from the Android market. Normally, Google Android phones and tablets come with inbuilt apps for texts and voicemail but the additional services is a way of enhancing the users’ messaging imagination while applying the simplest of techniques.
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All you need is a Google account if you didn’t previously own one. Once done, open the Google Voice app. If your device was not pre installed with the app, you can download it from the Android market. Simply follow the prompts to connect to your account and in a matter of time you will be okay.

Unlike a while ago when Google Voice could only notify on new messages at preset intervals of five minutes or more, now you can get them almost instantly by turning on inbox synchronization. To avoid getting the messages forwarded to your phone number thus receiving the message twice, go to your voice settings and touch refresh and notification. By selecting synchronization inbox you will start getting messages faster. Generally, this service lets you read and listen to voice mail messages and also respond to them for free. However, you will notice that all this is coming from your Google Voice number and not your main phone number

Another way of doing it will be through Gmail. Access the Google Voice website and form the settings choose Voicemail and SMS. Enable the option to email the voicemail notifications and SMS messages to your Gmail account. This way you will be notified immediately when you receive voice mail or SMS messages on your phone. If you wish to respond to them, Google will automatically direct the response to the sender’s number just like a normal SMS.

If however you have chosen the Email notification option, you may need to disable the voice app as they will be redundant. Just like before, go to settings in the voice app and touch refresh and notification then adjust to your liking. Create shortcuts on your home screen by adding Toggle Google Voice to distinguish your phone numbers from the Google Voice numbers when making calls.

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